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WordPress Set to Reign the CMS Space in 2018 [Infographic]

The brainchild of Matthew Charles Mullenweg is a grown-up now; yes! WordPress has come a long way from just being a blogging platform, a decade ago. Being a WordPress Website Development Company we are proud to present the stats and facts that substantiate the accomplishments of this platform. This constantly evolving platform is developing solid strategies and is looking to dominate the CMS landscape in 2018 too. See infographic for astonishing WordPress stats, facts and new feature additions.

6 E-commerce Website Optimization Tips to Minimize Bounce Rate

The popularity of your eCommerce store can be analyzed by the traffic it receives; however, just being popular is not your goal, right! If your bounce rate is very high and your visitors do not convert then getting high traffic is just meaningless.

Here are some proven tips from an eCommerce development expert which would help you to improve conversions:

1. Implement category navigation in mobile devices


As contemporary consumers have very less attention span they would appreciate if you could save their precious time. That is the reason many eCommerce sites have applied this tactic to win over mobile users. This trick is about incorporating categories on your home page rather than having a menu and header. Thus, your site is optimized for both desktop and mobile customers.

2. Take the five second customer test


What is this five second customer test? Well, you just have to pretend that you are visiting your homepage for the first time. Or you can ask someone else to take this test for your sake without any bias. You would need to answer the following questions:

· Is it easy for a new visitor to correctly guess about the products you are dealing within a few seconds they land on your website?

· Did you as a shopper trust your website and especially your payment gateway?

If your answers range from no or not sure then you have plenty of tasks awaiting you. You would need to improve your site architecture, product pages with innovative descriptions, trust badges like SSL certificates, multiple payment gateways and verified customer reviews.

3. Keep design product-oriented and clutter-free


Your products must be central to your eCommerce website design because your customers usually come to your site for studying, reviewing or buying your products. If they find your store cluttered with too much information and too many images, they might get distracted and end up leaving your site without making a purchase.

You can display your best-sellers using a carousel on your home page to further drive sales by elevating interests of your site visitors in your products.

4. Remove friction from checkout process


Christian Holst, usability expert, affirms that almost 30 percent of users abandoned shopping carts when they came across a registration process after clicking the checkout button. So, do try to keep up with this simple expectation of your customers and offer a checkout process that is linear.

Do not make the grave mistake of introducing signing in and onboarding steps within steps during the checkout process. Keeping two to three simple steps and adding progress bar to let the shoppers know how close they are in fulfilling the purchase aids in prevention of cart abandonment.

5. Leverage product keywords


People usually look for products and eCommerce stores; therefore they use certain keywords or their combination to find what they are looking for. Hence, keywords research is critical to optimizing your web shop. You must judiciously choose keywords that are relevant to your products; otherwise you would witness low-quality traffic and drop in sales.

You should also consider integrating social sharing plugin on your eCommerce site to help your customers share product information with their friends and followers.

6. Speed up your eCommerce site


Slow loading websites are an absolute turn off for web users and is the key cause of high bounce rates. Page loading speed and usability of your website could be a differentiating factor for you among competitors who sell the same products like you and at similar rates.

So supercharge your eCommerce site by collaborating with an experienced Outsourcing eCommerce development agency by working on factors like server computation, browser rendering and network transmission.

Wrapping up

Optimizing your eCommerce website with these aforementioned tips would help you address pain point of your customers, attract more visitors to your store and enrich their shopping experience.

What’s your say on this? Would you like to share your experience with the readers? Please be the first to leave your comments below; would love to hear from you.

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